Sunday, July 25, 2010

Po Folks' Ramen

This is a slightly upgraded version of Ramen. Something everyone has experienced during times economic crisis. Just add a few colorful veggies and voila, a gourmet meal fit for a pauper. I especially love the chili oil and sweet chili paste mix. Spicy and sweet. Meat lovers can add sliced sausages or any meat. Vegetarians can add tofu or bean curd. Whatever floats your palette.

Ramen noodles (mama style)
Chili Oil
Sweet Chili Paste Sauce (the kind you dip egg roll in)
Colorful Veggies (red/green/yellow bell peppers)
Mushrooms (optional)
Bean Sprouts (now you're just showing off)
Green Onions (chopped)
Garlic (minced)

Boil ramen noodles using the oil and seasoning packets. Instead of throwing the block of dry noodles, crumble then into maybe 4 pieces so strands will be shorter. When noodles are cooked drain water. In a separate pan, stir fry garlic and veggies. Season with chili oil (and regular oil if you desire). Add eggs and scramble them. When veggies are cooked, add the noodles. Mix well and season with A LOT of sweet chili paste. Add chopped green onions before serving.

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