Thursday, July 29, 2010

NumPachok or Namya

Depending on where you're from. Call it whatcha like. I call it yumminess from the Southeast. My top 5 favorite foods. It can literally take 15 minutes to make!

Namya paste (canned from a Thai store)
Japanese noodles
Coconut Milk
Fish (grounded Tilapia or canned tuna if you're really bumming it)
Fish sause (to taste)
Cucumbers, chopped
Bean sproats (optional)
Baby quail eggs (my favorite)

It's so easy you don't even need to know. Just heat namya with coconut milk. Add grounded fish or chunky fish. Flavor with fish sauce. Then before serving, add cucumber and sprouts. Quail eggs are option but I loooove it with the eggs. I don't even both making it fancy as you can see.

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